Teas 6 Preparation Looking for Tips and Advice

  1. Hi All,
    I am finally almost done with all my pre-reqs so it's time to prepare for the Teas. Most folks dread this exam but I am actually really excited about studying for it. I guess I'm a little weird huh!? LOL

    I am aware that it is going to take some serious preparation. With that being said I am looking for helpful tips and advice. I guess more so about how in depth the science portion is on the endocrine system and A&P and so on.

    Also, I am fairly good at math in terms of fractions and percent but word problems are a bit of a challenge for me. Is the math problems on the actual exam the same level as the ATI manual? Any help is appreciated. I mean so far I have purposed the ATI Manual, The Secrets to TEAS book, and I'm taking a prep course called Prenursing Smarter (this is such an awesome course by the way). If all goes well I will submit an article on here about it too. =)But I am thinking about getting the ATI practice exams to solidify my understanding of the exam!

    Any additional advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Happy Holidays!
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    I had more general/overall A&P with questions similar to, for example, what PTH does and where it is produced, what osteoblasts do, or the function/secretion of a specific gland. Even though most of it isn't incredibly detailed, the potential topics are pretty wide ranging, which is why I think a lot of people find it difficult. Also make sure you spend some time on life science, chem, and scientific reasoning because those can be on the test, including balancing chemical equations.

    I never got the official ATI manual, just the mometrix one, but I did take one of the ATI calorific practice tests. I actually found the math easier on the actual TEAS, but my actual TEAS test didn't really have the type of question that I kept missing on the practice test. My test did have quite a bit of word problems, probably more than my practice test did honestly.

    You can purchase just one practice test or a bundle of two. I personally just got one to see how the questions were worded, etc. You can take each practice test twice, so it might be helpful to take it once now and then again right before you take the actual test. Hopefully, by that point, you would have forgotten the questions and answers enough for it to be like taking it all over again.
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  4. by   Destined4Nursing 2019
    Thank you so much for your advice. I'm definitely going to purchase the online practice test now. After I'm done with the the ATI book and pre course of course. Your post is definitely relieving to me. I know I need to brush up on my A &P but I have more direction now. Thank you so much