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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just signed up for my TEAs exam on January 30th (2018), and it's my first time taking it! I purchased the ATI secrets study manual for the TEAs 6 exam, and I barely began studying today (01/05/18). I plan on rigorously studying this month, but I wanted to ask if the three practice exams in the back of this book are helpful? Should I be considering the option of buying the two additional practice exams that are on the website? Will solely studying this manual from front to cover make a good impact on my score?

    I also heard that this version of the TEAs exam (TEAs 6) was recently released in 2016. I wanted to ask how often the exam is updated to a new version?

    Also any tips on studying would be great! I have taken Chemistry101, both A&P courses, as well as Microbiology in the past. I received A's in all, except A&P 1, where I received a B.

    Thank you so much in advance to any replies!
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    I think the Mometrix ATI secrets' practice tests were fairly similar to the type of questions I got on the TEAS. I also purchased one of the ATI practice exams, and I'm glad I did. The ATI practice test gives you a good idea of how everything will be worded and is a bit more similar. However, I do think you can do well without it.

    The study guides are good basis for studying and probably contain most of what you need for the reading, English, and math sections (beyond further resources on areas you have trouble with), but it's not going to give you everything you need for the science section. It will give you the general concepts and a good overall info, but you need go into more specifics for the actual exam (more of a medium level of details). It's a good idea to watch videos and study your A&P notes (and maybe some chem). Make sure you study the endocrine system. I had a few questions on hormones and I've heard others say the same. I also had some questions on glands and their secretions, which I wasn't actually expecting when I went in.

    Otherwise, make sure you know how to convert between metric units (kilogram to gram) and the formulas for area, volume, and perimeter, including circumference.
  4. by   ArianaC
    Thank you so much! I'll definitely go a bit more in depth while studying the science section.
  5. by   studentnurse56
    I took the TEAS last Saturday. I studied off the Mometrix Study Guide and I think it prepared me okay for the exam. I personally though the science section was the hardest. The study guide only covers a general overview, but there were very specific questions on the exam. For example, Mometrix doesn't cover the difference between osteoclast and osteoblast and yet I got a question about it on the exam. I recommend studying the endocrine system. I did get several questions on hormones, and what type of glands produced certain hormones. I also recommend studying the muscular system. You might get questions on what type of muscle produces a certain action. The question I got for example, was what type of muscle produced goosebumps during thermoregulation.

    Mometrix is a good preparation for the reading, math, and english sections. The reading section contained paragraphs and asked questions pertaining to theme, main ideas, and opinions. I also highly suggest studying the different sections of a book, such as the glossary, appendix, table of contents. I got several questions on those. There are also questions asking you to read charts and tables. The Mometrix contains a pretty good review and explanations of different concepts you might see on the reading section.

    Personally, the math section was the easiest section of all. The Mometrix was good preparation for this section. You are given basic multiplication, division, and various geometry and word problems. For example, you can be asked to calculate 0.3334 x 1.3232. We were allowed to use a four function calculator which helped immensely.

    Even though I'm pretty good in grammar (I scored a 750 on the SAT English section), the English section was surprising harder than I thought. They asked questions on commonly misspelled words, how to identify different parts of speech in a sentence, subject-pronoun agreement, how to identify grammatically incorrect vs. correct sentence, which groups of words don't belong in a sentence, root words, and so on. There are some questions that will trick you. For example, I got stuck on a question where they gave me different sentences and we were asked to order them into a logical paragraph. Do not underestimate the grammar section, study, and do lots of practice.
  6. by   rianne_w
    What was your test score, if you don't mind me asking? I'm taking my test this Friday!
  7. by   Mr_Edwino
    The ATI booklet is somewhat remedial compared to the real thing. I would purchase a couple of practice tests from ATI, take one right away without studying. Then, based on your performance, review and bring up weak areas of your score while you maintain your strengths. Take the second practice test one week before the test, then go over any other weaknesses the week before. Give your self a couple days of rest before the exam. Here are some specific areas to focus on:
    -know the sliding theory of muscle contraction in and out
    -have a strong knowledge of the neurological pathways and action potentials
    -KNOW YOUR ENZYMES-what they do, where they are secreted, what would happen if there were a surplus or deficit of said hormone.
    READ CAREFULLY the questions on TEAS. They try to trip you up on the wording of some of the questions. If the answer seems easy, read it again and make sure you are ANSWERING what they are ASKING. It is CRITICAL THINKING; the most important skill in nursing study

    Make sure you pay attention to time. DO NOT time out in any section of the exam. You will have about 1.3-1.7 minutes on each question on the exam. If you are lagging on one question, you'd better make up the time by answering easy questions more quickly. I skipped over higher difficulty questions and used the time after to ponder and answer them with accuracy. Always use any extra time to go over the section questions again. Get up and stretch, walk around, freshen up between sections. Stay relaxed! I scored 90% on this exam; while it is not hard overall, it can be tricky if you are not prepared. Be prepared and you will do well. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   Mr_Edwino
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    This should say HORMOMES , not ENZYMES