Psi scores not uploaded after 48 hours

  1. Hi everyone,

    Majority of you may have taken the teas at a university but unfortunately, all the universities that offered it were over an hour away so it was more convenient for me to take it at a PSI testing center. After taking the exam, I was given a paper that said I would receive my results in 48 hours. It's been 48 hours and whenever I log in to my results there are not there. Has anyone else had this experience with a PSI testing center? They're currently not open so I cannot contact them directly.

    I am desperate since my application is due Monday. For those wondering, I contacted them ahead of time and made sure I'd be able to get my results by then to which they confirmed I would.
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  3. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    Can anyone help please? It's been four days my application is due today.
  4. by   UhhhRed
    Have you received your score yet?
  5. by   UhhhRed
    Have you received your score yet?
  6. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    I have not I guess I have to stay an extra semester just because of this delay.
  7. by   UhhhRed
    I'm in the same boat as you are. I took it the 10th and still nothing, however I did see someone post somewhere else having the same situation as us. This person said she talked to her school and that they were going to let her turn her application in since she had taken the teas before the deadline and was only waiting on the results. Have you tried contacting your schools and telling them your situation?
  8. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    Since I had no reason to worry until Saturday, my school was closed by then. And Monday was a holiday so that means three days of anxiety. I'll be going in today to talk to the department but my school is very strict on deadlines and sometimes even ridiculous with their policies. Thanks a lot for making me not feel alone! I'll update you.

    As for ATI, I called them and they said it's PSI's fault for not transferring the files and apparently now they're not answering???? We'll see.
  9. by   myusernameisunavailable
    I was in the same boat as you. I took the TEAS on January 10th, received the paper saying to wait 48 hours, and yet there were no scores available on the 12th. Or the 13th. Or the 14th. Or the 15th. And finally got them today! I also tried to contact psi and they didn't get back to me until I got these scores. I really hope you get your situation resolved, I was really scared I wouldn't make my deadlines either.
  10. by   keylyme
    My paper says 48 business-day hours, so that could be the issue.
  11. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    I contacted ATI TEAS and turns out everyone who took their test at a PSI testing center on the 10th or 11th had that problem. I got my results today and although my application was due yesterday my school was understanding
  12. by   mnhwinn
    This is happening to me right now. Took my exam 1/24, no result after 48 hours. Called ATI at the 48 hour mark and they said PSI sent the scores, but not in a readable pdf format. They contacted PSI and were told that they were trying to rectify the problem and it might possibly be taken care of by early next week. I am beyond livid. I would NEVER recommend to anybody to take their exam through PSI. This is unacceptable. ATI representative was very apologetic and understanding, but nothing they can do. It is ultimately on PSI. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that PSI doesn't have test results available immediately at the testing center anyway. At this point, I am questioning if I can even trust that they can submit my scores accurately....... How would I ever even know? Please if you have any other choice, DO NOT USE PSI for your exam.
  13. by   Cruddabug
    Ugh I took mine on Jan 24th and I have called ATI and PSI already today and neither one can tell me anything. It is unacceptable and unprofessional of such a company with the magnitude of ATI where students depend on their scores in a timely fashion to allow this to even happen! Have you heard anything?
  14. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    Holy cow-- I can't believe this is still happening to people. I got my results five days after I took my test. I took it on a Thursday, expected my results on Saturday/Sunday. They were closed that Monday and I still didn't receive them (my app was due that day too). I woke up super early on Tuesday and called them; they apologized and said it was PSI's fault and they'd contact me as soon as they get my scores. I got them that same day but again five days later.