how long did you study for the TEAS

  1. Okay so I am taking the Teas V in December, and I have been studying since September. I am totally freaking out about this exam.

    How long have you studied for and what were your results??
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  3. by   Cortisol
    I studied roughly 1.5 weeks using the Kaplan and McGraw-Hill books.

    Adjusted Individual Score: 88%
    Percentile National: 99
    Percentile Program 95

    Relax. Do a lot of practice questions, and focus on your weaknesses! You have the potential to well on this exam, and you'll do great!
  4. by   AddisonLawrence03
    two months. the site helped me pass the science but the math I didnt do well on
  5. by   ASHR
    I used the ATI book and did not do well. I have read numerous forums where people agree that the Kaplan and McGraw-Hill study books are much better in preparing you.
  6. by   AddisonLawrence03
    I think all three books are good. But the McGraw covers basic Geometry which the ATI book does not even mention. Because there was basic Geometry on my math portion
  7. by   Cortisol
    The McGraw-Hill book was good for basic math review and science. The only thing I felt those books didn't help with was reading. When I took the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Test, I scored a 98% in the reading, but I only scored 85% on the TEAS V reading. I have a feeling the ATI book would have helped with that.

    The reason I used Kaplan and McGraw-Hill was because I had the Kaplan review book from when I took the Kaplan test earlier this year. The McGraw-Hill book was at the library, and with less than 2 weeks to prepare, there was no point in ordering the ATI prep book.

    Kaplan has a very detailed science section, and I would defintitely recommend reading and understanding the science section in McGraw-Hill before attempting to read the Kaplan science section. I only skimmed certain parts of the Kaplan for science. They do, however, have some great tables for math!
  8. by   Cortisol
    I agree with AddisonLawrence03 about the geometry covered in McGraw-Hill. It covered EXACTLY what I saw on my TEAS in terms of Geometry.
  9. by   hufflebinks
    What are the titles of the McGraw-Hill and Kaplan books? I searched on amazon for McGraw-Hill and it brought up a Nursing School Entrance Exam book, JUst wanna make sure I get the right items! My test is next friday and I already have tthe ATI book. I am terrified!
  10. by   Cortisol
    McGraw-Hill Nursing School Entrance Exams. It was from 2008 or 2009 and had 8 practice exams (2 for each subject). It is orange and white with a person in scrubs on the front.

    The Kaplan book I used is Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams (fourth edition). It's purple.

    Have you checked to see if either are available at your library? My library had a few books, but the McGraw-Hill was the only one I could get my hands on at the time. Also, I paid $20 for the Kaplan book, and my local Barnes & Noble got it in in a few days.

    I know I've seen other people mention this website, but there are some more practice questions here. I only did the science ones and a few of the math.
  11. by   hufflebinks
    Just to update: I took the TEAS V on November 18th and got an 83 overall! I only had the ATI book I got off Amazon, studied for about two weeks solid, focused mainly on math because it's been 15 years since I was in school. I wish I had studied more on the science...I only did bad on the chemistry/physics part. I did great on everything else..only miss ONE math question! I am so excited and Ihope HCC likes my scores when I apply in January. Good luck!