Has anybody taken the TEAS V and PSB exam?

  1. I was wondering if anybody on here has taken both the TEAS V and PSB exam? If so, how much harder is the TEAS V compared to the PSB? I took the PSB exam last week and I ended up scoring a 393, and I only needed a 200 on it to get into the Surgical Technician program at my school. I did not study for the PSB because I was told there is no way to study for it. In my Academic aptitude section I scored 66% higher than others who have taken it, in the Reading, and Science I scored 93% higher than others who have taken the test, in English comp I scored 97% higher than others, and Voc aptitude I scored 55% higher than others. Tomorrow I'm taking the TEAS V and I have been so nervous I really cannot study. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
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  3. by   babyjyjy
    I'm in the same situation...I took the PBS about 3 weeks ago and scored well above the 230 that was required. Im taking the TEAS on April 9th but for some reason I'm super nervous and would like to know if they are simliar in content...