Do schools check to see how many times you attempted to take TEAS?

  1. What if you want to attend a school that only allows two attempts but you took it twice at other schools because they have a policy that you MUST take it at their college? Will they hold that against you? Do they check to see how many times you have taken it? I am just trying to see how this works.

    I have taken the TEAS at different schools where some have this policy that you have to take it at their college because they don't accept transfer scores..will the other schools look at the number of attempts on my printout sheet and disqualify me?
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  3. by   RonnieDita
    Most schools in Southern CA will only take your first score on a specific version ever. So if you take the TEAS V 3 times they will only take the first score you had. Or.... They will accept one score in a year period. So you cannot just go take the test multiple times trying to get the highest score. I have never heard of any school requiring you to take the test with them, that is odd.