TEAS exam advice and help???


Hello, I would just like to ask what is the best study guide for a TEAS exam? one of the PREREQUISITE is to take a TEAS test to get in the program. Also I would need to pass the READING with an at-least 80 percent and 60 percent for MATH,SCIENCE, and ENGLISH.

Any online websites? books? or anything!

and how hard is it?


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I used the Mometrix study guide and thought it was good. Had 3 practice tests in it as well that were somewhat similar to the types of questions on the actual exam.

I'd liken the reading and English section of the TEAS below the SAT level (at least the SAT I took back in 2009 since I haven't really kept up if they've changed the difficulty since). The passages are shorter too. Math is maybe high school or middle school level, focusing on fractions, percentages, area, word problems, and basic algebra. The science is pretty much A&P with some chem and scientific reasoning.

There are a ton of online resources if you search for them. There are Facebook groups, apps for your phone or tablet, free online tests, and some flash cards on quizlet. You can also use free videos in the general subjects to review information.