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Teaching Plan

by Pansaur Pansaur (New) New

Hello allnurses,

I have been blessed with the wonderful task of creating a teaching plan, and as may have guessed, I am very lost. I would appreciate any help or guidance that could be provided on creating a teaching plan, an example would also be very beneficial for me as well. This is what I have thus far

Assessed Learning Need: Patient has a need to learn about hypertension, noncompliant noted by lack of knowledge of condition and refusal of medication. Need was supported by client saying, "What is hypertension anyway?" and confusion of taking medication was observed.

Client's Goal: To gain better understanding of the disease and the functions of medications prescribed.


  1. Client will verbalize understanding about disease at the end of session.
  2. Client will take medication as scheduled and avoid undesired effects.
  3. Client will be able to properly read food labels to keep an eye on food labels.
  4. Client will pass the quiz with a mark of at least 80%.
  5. Client will schedule follow-up appointment after current session.

Introductory Statements: "....." Hello patient X, I am (Name) and I will be your nurse for this evening. It is to my understanding that you have some questions about your condition known as hypertension. I am here to provide the information to you, in hopes to answer all areas of hypertension that may be unclear to you. I will be describing hypertension and its management and the effects of your medication. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Do you need anything before we begin?

Teaching Plan:

Objectives: (Learning for the patient)

  1. Describe hypertension and its management
  2. Describe proper way to read food labels
  3. Management of undesired effects of medication

Type of Objective:

  1. Cognitive and Affective
  2. Cognitive and Psychomotor
  3. Cognitive and Affective

Content appropriate to meet each objective (must be footnoted):

The Strategy used to teach each objective and your rationale (must be footnoted):

Evaluation tool for each objective:

I really appreciate any help that can be provided

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a teaching plan is very much like the nursing process. You have already assessed your target audience and ID'd a diagnosis (knowledge gap). I feel that you left out the possibility that the reason the patient is non-compliant is not known to you. You are making assumptions about what the paitent needs. I would include an objective about the patient recognizing barriers to overcome non-compliance. The test score is not an objective, it is part of the teaching strategy. Another strategy would be a return demo in which the patient chooses three healthy food items out of 5 presented. Another is question and answer time. The final evaluation is not the test, but the PATIENT's evaluation of what they learned. Remember, your main purpose if for them to learn, not you to teach. So once you have the evaluation, you have to reassess to determine if the goal was met, and if not, why not. You are on the right track.