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I am currently in my 8th year of teaching. I love working with kids, but I haven't felt a great sense of satisfaction for the past 2 years. Between poor behavior, budget cuts, lack of parental support, and students not playing a role in their own education, I've become very dissatisfied. I need a career change and have been contemplating my next step in life. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a pediatrician. I'm seriously considering returning to school to become a pediatric nurse. My sister is an LVN and she absolutely loves her job. I know that nurses work long hours, have to put up with just as much bureaucratic problems....some of you could probably go on....put I can't help but feel there must be a great sense of satisfaction. The nurses that I know (sister, neighbors, and friend) all love their jobs, despite the long hours.

The other part of this quandary is finances. I just got married a year ago and we bought a house. The nursing programs here in Houston require you to go full time. We could not pay the mortgage on my husband's salary alone, unless in his current Job Search he gets a position making a lot more money. I plan to attend an info session at one of the colleges and perhaps call to speak with someone. Maybe it is more doable than I might realize.

I would appreciate any suggestions, advice, and encouragement that anyone has to offer. I've read a lot on these boards. They are fabulous!

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One of my nursing school classmates was a long-time high school English teacher. She cited many of the same things you did for wanting to leave teaching. Since you have already completed a college degree, you obviously have the intelligence, plus your basic education requirements are out of the way. Probably all you have left are the hard science courses (anatomy and physiology, microbiology and perhaps chemistry).

I was fortunate in that a community college in the area where I lived had a night nursing program. I worked 8-5 Monday through Friday the whole time I was in school out of financial necessity. I did prerequisites at night before enrolling in nursing school. My employer made adjustments in my schedule the last semester, because I had to work full shifts (3-11) in the hopsital where I was doing clinicals twice a week.

I wish you luck in finding the right fit.


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I was a teacher (among other things) before I became a nurse at age 42. I worked a 32 hour week, took on a second job on weekend mornings, and did everything I could prior to starting actual nursing classes. When I finally got to the nursing part, it was 12 hours, which is doable with a job if you study well. My employer worked around the nursing school schedule (thank you Teri, Gabe, and KU) so I could get it done. It was hard, but it was doable. I paid as I went, and my last year got a tuition scholarship.

I too hope you find something that works for you. :)

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