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I'm a new grad BSN - graduated Dec. 2013 and licensed in Jan. I have worked as a CNA in the float pool at a hospital for 3 years while going to school. My thought was always that once I had my degree, I would seemlessly transition into a position as an RN in the department. However, because of budget problems, positions are not opening up. And those that do open up have been going to other internal candidates who are already an RN (because we're union).

Here's my dilemma: Was offered a job at a TCU with a brand new facility. Straight days. Pay is pretty decent - mroe than I was expecting. So, do I take the job or hold out for a position at my hospital (not knowing how long that could take)?

The kicker is that I really don't WANT to work in a hospital, but feel I am SUPPOSED to (Hospitals are the holy grail, right?). I don't like working nights, which is what I do now, and I always thought my dream job would just be one that works days - what sort of department, facility, etc. didn't matter much.

In the future, I'd like to get into homecare or hospice. I really don't ever desire to work in a hospital. So take the TCU job or wait for a hospital job and tough it out for a year until I can move into homecare/hospice? Will working at a TCU make it harder for me to get a homecare/hospice job?

Thanks for all input!!!


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I so feel the same way! I graduated in May 13 and really hate Med/Surg. I was even questioning why I entered nursing if I don't want to do that but I want to do home care and hospice. I would take the day job!


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I had to use google to find out what TCU is, but it sounds like a fantastic place to gain experience if you want to get into home health or hospice. I would take it!

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You don't HAVE to work in a hospital. You should work where you want. The grey thing about nursing is that there isn't one right answer. It sounds like the TCU job is a good fit for you. I'd take it!

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