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TCU BSN 2020

by Frog2RN2020 Frog2RN2020 (New) New Student

Hi I noticed there wasn't a forum for this years application. I have applied to the accelerated program at TCU for Fall of 2020. I am a recent graduated from TCU however I am hoping to return for nursing school. I'm hoping we can use this forum to communicate with each other on when everyone hears from the school. Also with everything going on with COVID-19 maybe we can use this to keep in contact with each other incase school doesn't in fall.


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Hi, I just got my acceptance letter this past Thursday. Have you heard anything back?

I also got my acceptance letter on Thursday! It came by email. Still waiting on my packet in the mail!

I still haven't hear from TCU...does that mean I didn't get in? 😕