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I am an RN with 7 yrs of ICU experience and 16 yrs of PACU experience. My husband is also an RN with 18 yrs of ICU experience. We live in Denver and are considering moving to a warmer, beach climate. We are looking in the Tampa area and have a lot of questions about nursing jobs there. I've read and heard the pay is low compared to many other areas and that there is a large population of older people living in these areas. I am amazed to see how many large hospitals in in that area. I'd love to hear others' experiences with the different hospital systems and what the pay might be for experienced RNs. I would like to hear about what computer systems the different hospital groups use and about the employee benefits they offer. Also, out of these areas, which one might give us the best quality of life? We are in our 40's with grown children but love to dine out, go to music concerts, are active and love socializing. We don't want to be in an area that will be primarily elderly and not have fun options for us. Please feel free to PM me with pay info if you feel uncomfortable making that public. Thanks!

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