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Tampa Area Nursing Schools


Hi. I am currently working on my AA at HCC and plan to apply to USF upper division BSN program in the Fall of 2016. My old Honors Institute adviser told me that I should apply for more than one nursing school. I am wary of some of the schools like Galen, Keiser, Remington, etc, (Are they good schools, do you get jobs coming out of non-state schools?) I looked at UT, but it seems they have an entire 4 year program and I don't see an option to come in as a junior. I looked at St.Pete college and it looks like it is just RN to BSN.

Am I missing something? Are there other BSN programs that accept juniors?

Would love any insight you have. I am starting to look more seriously as I get close to finishing my AA's and start working on pre-reqs for the USF program.

There are quite a number of schools in the central Florida area that accept juniors into nursing programs. For example, South University, Tampa University, USF, UCF, and if you go south to Fort Myers, FGCU all accept junior level transfer students into their programs.

Not sure if you're still looking, but I came into South University as a junior, and I'm now in their BSN program-- not RN-BSN, just BSN. I thought it was a great transition, the school is quite nice, and as someone who has been to several universities trying to find my fit (including SPC and USF and Galen-- which was horrific), I'm so happy I landed here.

K. Traylor, future BSN of the USN

University of Tampa accepts transfer students with an AA degree into their BSN program. South university is another school in Tampa that has a BSN program and accepts transfer students. HCC just recently started a RN program that runs concurrent with USF to get a BSN degree. Essentially, the choice is up to you on which program you can or choose to attend, for some are highly competitive, others are just expensive, or both.

LOL, I just realized I responded to this post in December.

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@Medic6758, what did you think of South University? I was not accepted into USF's BSN program for Fall 15 and I am trying to get an idea of what my other options are. I read one of your posts about a year ago that said you had applied and were in the process of starting the ENG III class at South, but since you were accepted to USF, I assume you did not attend. I tried to PM you but I guess I cannot do so until I have 15 posts. I really want to attend a BSN program, rather than an ASN program because I have so many credits! For USF's BSN I took Bio I as my chem requirement and it looks like UT and South both require chem, which I do not have. :( Sorry for the rambling message and thank you for any information you can give me! You are very helpful on this forum. :)

The only issue I had with South University was the cost of attendance, other than that I felt it was a decent school. I was under the impression that South ran it like USF where you can take chem or gen bio. I would speak to an actual nursing advisor versus an admittance advisor, for they are not always up to date on current information.