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Tallahassee Community College Spring 2015


Can't believe a thread hasn't been posted for this Spring yet. I've found this forum to be really helpful with the spread of information and the release of anxiety.

Good luck everyone!


Right, I've been ghost following this site to see if anyone has posted for the spring 2015 semester....

i currently am waiting to see if i got into the Tallahassee Community College for the Spring 2015 semester for nursing school

I wonder how long it takes before they send out letters.....

they told me it would take 8 weeks from when we applied and that is November 4th, does anyone know anybody that got in yet? What was everyone's score when they applied?

I applied for the spring semester also! I was reading old posts from past semesters and they said they found out around 7 weeks.

Yay! I just got my email..... can't wait to get started:)

I just got my acceptance email also!

Got my acceptance email as well. Congrats everyone! Can't wait to get started :)

So excited to start! Hope to see you all at orientation!

did you all complete the orientation quiz that they emailed us yet?

Has anybody bought their books yet? Or does anybody know what books come in the box from the bookstore?