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So, what it is like? Is it horribly time consuming?

There is a program in my area that can be done in 3 years, part time. I also hear it's got a TON of clinical time, like 700 hours worth.

How difficult is it? Do you have to be MD smart?

Any info is appreciated.


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I'm in the same boat as you. Questioning the difficulty of an NP program. I'm half way done (finished with core courses) and suppose to start clinical in Fall. I'm worried I can't handle the program and work full time too.


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Try to get down to working part-time or as a call-in if possible and finish up your program. Take out a educational Stafford Loan if you must to finish it quickly. This is just a possibility.

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I don't think you need to be "doctor smart." I do think you need to be determined! I have never had a patient mind when I look up a drug dose or something like that. Know what you don't know and LOOK IT UP!

I only worked part-time. I did go to school with some full-time workers. The ones I spoke with frequently didn't get great grades or care about learning as much as they could. There were just so overwhelmed they were just trying to survive.

Trust me, 700 hours of clinical is NOT tons. I had over 1,000 and still wish I had more. Do more than the minimum if you can.

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