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Tales of a new grad...

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so, i am a new grad lpn... and i can honestly say that nursing school did not prepare me for the "real world." school was so full of silly projects, nursing politics, catty gossipers, and single med passes that could take up to 30 minutes depending on the instructor.

i entered into the new world of nursing with a perfect perception of how everything should be done... only to discover the true reality of nursing.... chaos!!!!

i began as a corrections nurse... not only would i be a corrections nurse but i would be working per diem... no brainer right - ha - wrong!

there was 11 different modules/units in our jail some including general populations, infirmaries, lock down units, isolation, psych, and the hole....

i had to learn each unit in one day during a two week orientation before beginning my own tour of nursing.

well, as i stepped up with my nurse to begin medication pass i asked how long we had to give meds... "oh two hours or so... three if you are really slow." hmm, i thought - not bad. until i asked, how many inmates? "oh 120 on this unit. the smaller units is 60. but on average about 100."

i had one of those moments where all you can do is hear the echoing of someone words repeating... o - m - g - are you kidding me? i dont know what i am doing! my instructors never made me pass meds to more than 6 patients during my "education" and that was only a couple of times! what am i going to do?

well, i began my quest to pass medications like a robot. with a nurse giving this advice:

"no time to double check meds girlie. just dump it in their hand and go."

"what do you mean you dont know the generic name for that drug?"

"no, you pulled the wrong dose med - thats a 25 - there is also a 50... use that"

"what you dont know that med can be crushed?"

well, no - i dont know. i dont have a freaking clue! i need my drug guide! i need to read my mar at least 3 times to feel comfortable! i need to take my time, bc i am so nervous that you are jumping my case that i cant even think straight!

then if that is not bad enough, you have the inmates that can smell the fear, anxiety, and stress brewing inside of you. they feel the weakness and begin to ask

"whats this med for?"

"but yesterday i had a blue pill!"

"i am in pain - cant you just give me a tylenol?"

[color=sandybrown]thennn if that is not bad enough, you have a correctional guard hovering near by - protecting you... well, hopefully protecting you. now you will either have an awesome guard that has sympathy for your plight or you will have a guard that wants to get back to his issue of maxim and his hot cup of joe... he will look at you like you are a bug needing to be squashed. he will make comments

[color=sandybrown]"come on hurry up!" "

[color=sandybrown]chow is coming when will you be done?"

[color=sandybrown]"the other nurses fly through this!"

[color=sandybrown]"the inmates are getting restless because you are taking so long."

[color=sandybrown]amoungst other comments that are just not appropriate for this message board.

you go through this... no breaks... 20 minute lunch... heaven forbid you are on your period... you must watch your back and always be aware of your surroundings not just your meds... you must focus on everything around you and anything you are doing... you must multi-task to the ultimate level....

this is your new reality. medication passes from hell! go - go - go! and hope to god you dont screw up!

new grads you are not alone! being out there the first few weeks after school is tough and scary. we shall survive it - or go crazy.

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