Taking my Teas


I took my TEAS last Friday and Failed miserably. I signed up to retake it again this Friday. My adviser was telling me that I need to just calm down and relax and breath and I was okay for most of the week...but now I'm back to freaking out and stressing. Anyone have any kind of advice for me? I've been out of school since 2002 and A LOT of this stuff I have no clue about.


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Hey yes i took the teas also, didn't do too so good lol i pass the minimum though hehe, but then again i didn't study for it. I suggest you get the study guide books they review basic stuff very well.


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I've been studying. When I registered to take it the first time that package was paying to take the exam - plus 2 online practice tests and the study guide. But that doesnt stop me from freaking out and stressing out. Because this is my 2nd time taking it on Friday I have to do good or I'm out for another year.


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Yes it's very hard when you get nervous and everything you did know gets confusing, all i can say is practice with a timer and act like your doing the real test. It'll help some , nonetheless this is nothing compared to the exams your gonna be taking when you get in the program ahhh and even worse the state exam :((( yeah might get a heart attack lol , work on that anxiety and breathe through goodluck!!


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This test scared me to death, I have been out of school for over 20 years, and most of what I read was gibberish. I am pretty good at the reading and english stuff, but have never been great at math and science. I studied a lot, and did the practice tests in the book, I managed to do pretty good, I scored an 80, that was because I scored really high in everything except science, so that helped raise my overall score. I was freaking out the night before, studied for about 6 hours straight and then just told myself I can only do so much, and just had to finally stop and relax. YOu will do great, you already took it once, so you know the types of questions that are on it...just really review what you didn't do so well on, and it will go great!