Taking TEAS Friday, very nervous

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hey guys! I will be taking my TEAS Exam this Friday and haven't really studied much. I've studied here and there but not consistently. I have about five days until my exam and am really nervous. I only get one shot at taking this exam this year. what do I study and how do I study in these next few days? science is my worst subject out of the four, that's what I'm most worried about. but I really don't feel too too confident in any of the four, maybe reading. if you've taken it recently please help. what should I study and know so I can pass?

thanks in advance guys!

also I have the mometrix ATI TEAS secrets book. that's what I've been using to study. I also do some nursehub questions and have purchased the ATI TEAS test practice exams. but my main source when it comes to studying has been the mometrix book.

The Mometrix book is super helpful! Hope you did well!

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