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Taking Prereqs for ABSN

I was hoping to get some help from those of you that have the knowledge :)

I have decided to make a career change to Nursing. I have wanted to do this for years but as many of you know time and money constraints can hold you back.

For financial purposes, I am relocating back to TX and have only found 2 ABSN programs near Austin. I don't know if I am not searching for them accurately but help. I am doing prereqs now so I can be ready asap. I am so excited, I cannot even begin to tell you.

Also, I am curious as to those that have done (or are doing) accelerated BSNs and working. I have, on average, worked 12 hour days for the last 10 years and worked my way through my first bachelors working 60 hour work weeks. I want to fully dedicate myself to this but was curious if a part time job is too much?

~any insight would be highly appreciated!!!


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