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Taking nclex-rn, graduated from Philippines

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I graduated nursing year 2011 in the Philippines. I'm planning to take the nclex-rn here in CA. Based from my research, I need to go schooling to be eligible. And what are the other requirements? Can you please give me the list of schools they will recommend. And will it be full time study or part-time? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi I actually have the same situation. I just submitted my application and the check was cashed out, June 1. How about you? have you heard anything from them? Where you able to find schools that will accepts individual units? Though I am praying that the person who will handle my case will give me eligibility right away. I heard some get theirs without going back to school.

hello lexi! i have some questions regarding application... can i email you? what's your email?

Hi Lexi, what happened to your case? I received mine last month. I need to take the MS again :( I graduated last 2015.

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They will ask you for (in addition to your application packet, but not stated):

1. Academic calendars from the years you've attended the college

2. All clinical cases done in DR, NICU, and OR cases (minimum of 5 each, MUST BE CONCURRENT)

3. Clear copy of your SSN

4. Ask for a copy of your foreign license with English translation (OR you can write a letter explaining why you did not attain one)

5. Copy of your passport, cover to cover (ALL pages)

The only thing I did not include in my packet was the copy of my passport and letter of explanation as to why I did not attain my foreign license. Now, I'm waiting another 4 weeks to have my paperwork looked at again. Hopefully, I'll get an ATT in December. Best of luck on your application