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I would really appreciate some advice and apologize that this is a little wordy!

I am contemplating applying for the ADN program at Darton College for the Fall 2014. If I am accepted, the program dictates that I would have to take Micro within the first year. My thought is that I should complete it within the first semester along with Fundamentals and Pharmacology, which is the college prescribed course load rather than within the second semester with Adult Health 1. How doable is this along with Fundamentals and Pharmacology? I am not a strong science student in general and though I currently have a high A average in AP1 this semester and anticipate the same in AP2 (with a lot of prayer :)), which I will complete in the summer, it doesn't come easily for me especially with significant test anxiety. My other option is to apply for the Spring program and take Micro in the Fall. I already have a BA, and have no other core classes I can take for the ADN program and have the core completed for the BSN as well.

A saving grace for me currently is that I do not work and my priorities are: my daughter (solo mom to a wonder 8 yo - dad in another state) and school. I was laid off in November and with severance, savings, and student loans, I hope to be able to get my ADN without having to enter back into the work force.

I feel like by not taking the chance and applying for the Fall program, I am wasting a semester on just Micro especially since I can only take one class during the summer (AP2). However, I don't want to overload myself with taking Micro in my first year of nursing either.

Thanks for your advice!


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Pharm can be taken with adult health 1