Taking Human Anatomy Online and A&P separately


Has anybody taken Human Anatomy online before? The university I go to offers A&P separately, and since the class gets full quickly and I don't have priority, I was thinking about taking it online. I've read on some posts that it's better to take Human Anatomy in person to see the bones and cadavers, but would like opinions. Both lab and lecture are online.

If the programs I want to apply for don't accept Human Anatomy online, I am considering taking Human Anatomy and Physiology for fall next semester. The classes are separate though. Is it foolish of me to do this? I've heard from peers that it's not a wise choice since I'll confuse myself with all the information. If I want to apply for certain programs for fall next year, then I need to have completed Micro and A&P by fall 2013. I'm feeling overwhelmed as to whether I should take my time with the classes and stay in school longer than I wanted to or cram the classes in and hope for the best. Have any of you felt this way? Thank you very much for the opinions!


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First, you have to be sure that taking it online will transfer at the end of the day. It will be a big waste if you take this class and the school(s) you are transferring to says its unacceptable.

Online for lectures does seem like one will be spying from the textbook during tests or exam since it mostly isn't a critical thinking type of question. (Most are labeling and definitions, with conc memorization and understanding.) You sure wouldn't want to take it online though coz you need to know and understand every vital info that's been taught. But if your school provides a DVD lecture or lecture video; that could also be a good idea since you will be able to see the models and learn the parts. (It might be a good idea to take it online.)

I hope you find actual comments of those that have taken this course online. I have ran across a few that took it 100% online and they made A's.

I love online classes coz I find pleasure in teaching myself, but practical stuffs like A&P wouldn't be a good idea for me to take online because I would like to retain the most vital part of what I learnt.

Remember, what works for one might not work for you. So sample your opinions to see which is right by going with the most reviewed option.

Good luck.


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Thank you for your input! Hopefully, I'll receive more opinions.


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Have you talked to an adviser at your school who would know that you need to class and to put you in it as a priority? As long as you have good study skills and your school will accept the credit, it won't really matter where you take the class. I can understand you being anxious though, and that's normal.

Regardless of where you take the course, you can always supplement your learning with extra resources to help you. The A&P book my school uses comes with an online study guide, DVD materials, and I have Martini's Atlas of the Human Body (great resource). When I came to a topic I was studying, I would look up materials about it online from other colleges (PowerPoints, study materials, etc.), and that was always very informative seeing it in a different way.