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Taking HESI A2 without AP 2?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it's possible to do well on either the HESI or the TEAS without taking Anatomy & Physiology II? I'm thinking about scheduling my test for this summer, but I don't see any available testing dates after June. I won't have A & P II completed until early July. Have any of you taken either entrance test and done well without the second part of Anatomy (or are the study guides sufficient enough to learn the basics?)


I just took the Hesi A2 this morning and overall the exam was simple. (Math (remember conversions like pints to quarts or how many ounces in 2 1/2 quarts), Reading, Grammar) I used the evolve study guide and can say that the AP and vocab in that study guide did not help at all. I made over 90s in all other sections except for the AP. I just completed API just this past spring semester. I will have to retake the hesi again for the AP.

Wish I could give more info! :(

If anyone out there has any suggestions on study guides for the AP section of the hesi let me know!

I'm also scheduled to take the TEAS V this summer as well. Just purchased the TEAS V study guide and will most likely use that.

Good luck!

First make sure that your school required the A&P section of the test because mine didn't. I took the test two months into taking my Phsyiology class, got in the 60's but it didn't matter since I didn't need it. The study guide A&P won't help you.


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