Taking A&P 1 over the summer

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Im thinking about taking A&P 1 for the summer, I have all summer to stay home and study. Im only gonna take 1 class. Is it a good idea?

I took A and P I over last summer... it was very fast paced but managable. If you do not have a full time job, I would say go for it. I was at class 4 nights a week for lecture and lab and 2 nights a week for study groups. I was terrified of taking it over the summer. I can tell you that there is no time to procrastinate, which was good for me. I ended up with an A : ) The advantage of taking it over the summer is that it is over with faster. The disadvantage is: if you are taking it over a 5 week section that can be extremely tough. I took it over 8 weeks, and it was the same amount of information of a 16 week class but with less time. Good luck to you!!

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