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  1. Pace University FNP Fall 2023

    Hi! I wanted to start a forum for Fall 2023 applicants. Would love to hear any and all info about what the program is like; I was accepted for last fall and deferred to this year. Best of luck to all!
  2. PACE ABSN Fall 2023

    Hi guys! Just wanted to start this forum because I haven't seen anything for fall 2023. lets support each other!! I am a reapplicant and I applied super early this year. I hope we get some feedback on decisions towards the end of the year. Good luck ...
  3. Pace Psych NP Program Fall 2023

    Hi! Anyone apply to Pace University PMHNP for fall 2023 and heard back?
  4. PACE ABSN Jan 2023

    Creating this for those applying to the ABSN program entering Jan 2023 at the PACE Westchester campus.
  5. PACE FNP 2021

    Anyone been or currently in the program that can share what their experience has been thus far?
  6. Pace University FNP Fall 2022

    Hello everyone. I submitted my application for Pace University's FNP program today and wanted to start a thread for it because I did not see one started for this upcoming fall. Does anyone have any insight about the program? How many seats are availa...
  7. ABSN Pace University Fall 2022!!

    Hi All! Figured I'd start a thread for the aspiring Fall 2022 cohort! I haven't seen one as of yet but better late than never. Is anyone applying to Pace for the Fall 2022 semester in NYC? I'm very nervous, I've reached out for recommendations a...
  8. Hunter or Pace for Psych NP 2020

    I have applied for Pace University and Hunter for Psych NP fall 2020. (waiting on their decision) Has anyone ever been to these for Psych. If Yes how was it? Is anyone here a perspective students of the schools listed above? Would love to link up.
  9. Pace University FNP Fall 2020

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to start the post on this forum for Pace University's FNP Program this upcoming Fall of 2020. I have not seen many posts about the program over the years, I'm hoping to get a few responses or help others who may have the sam...
  10. Pace ABSN Spring 2022

    Hi everyone, I decided to start a thread for Spring 2022 cohort. I noticed one Haven’t been created as yet. I have applied for Spring 2022 and is waiting on the review process. I would like to connect with existing students and those who have or will...
  11. Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for people applying to Pace University's accelerated BSN program for the spring of 2019 - I haven't found one yet! I'd love to chat with others who are applying!
  12. In 1906, Pace University, a private institution, was founded. Pace University is located in New York City and the Westchester campus is located in Pleasantville, New York. The Lienhard School of Nursing was established in 1966. Undergr...
  13. Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    Hey just wanted to start a thread for Pace’s ABSN Fall 2019 cohort.
  14. Hi! I wanted to start this forum for people applying to Pace University's ABSN program for the Spring 2021 session. Best of luck to all of us!
  15. Pace ABSN Fall 2020

    Hi! I wanted to start a thread for those applying to the fall 2020 ABSN program at Pace so we can go through this application process together!
  16. Hi everyone, decided to start a thread for the Fall 2021 cohort since one wasn’t created yet. (Super early, I know LOL) I was accepted for Fall 2020 but decided to defer. Would love to connect with those who’ve applied/been accepted.
  17. Hiyaaa! I wanted to start a thread for all the students applying for the spring 2020 ABSN program at pace. Feel free to ask and answer questions regarding the program, good luck to everyone!!