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I was wondering if anyone has any tips about the math portion of the TABE. I can convert tsp to mL, really good with measurement and fractions... but ask me to solve for y, or how long it'll be before train A meets train B and my brain shuts off. I was told by the councelor at the vocational school that it doesn't matter that I tested into college my first year (which was 11 years ago- I quit after my first year and am just now going back) via my ACT and SAT scores... I had to take the TABE to get into the LPN program. I just spent the last 2 hours doing the Basic and Advanced Algebra and Averages/Rounding portions of a practice test I found online. And my highest percent of the three is 55!!!!!:uhoh21: How much does each factor into the overall score. I have no doubt I can pretty much ace the grammar and reading portions...

I'm also worried that if I'm having this much trouble with the TABE, what the heck will happen when I take the TEAS? I can't afford a tutor, and I can't take the tests many times over... I'm worried!

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