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Do any of you use synchronized clocks? I so, what brand and types thanks, janel:redpinkhe


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Several years ago, we got a hard wired type of clock that are all connected together.

Can't remember the brand name, I'll remember to look this week.

Before we had battery clocks. On paper seemed good. Cheap, easy to maintain or replace. Only problem was the times were off from one area to another.

It wasn't unusual to arrive in PACU 3 or 4 minutes BEFORE we left the OR!!

Prior to that, we had electric clocks all over the hospital, that were syncronized by a master clock in the boiler room. Still had problems with that system though.

Heard one time of a law suit that came about because of the difference in times that were documented. The clocks didn't match, but no way to defend that I guess.

Anyway, we are on one clock system of our own. That way Ambulatory Surgery, OR Holding Area (pre-op), the OR and PACU are all on the same time.



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We have a synchronized clock system, but as we have remodeled, different areas, they were not wired in. We had the same problem with times, but now we all use the time on the computer for documentation. Each station in Pre-op and PACU has a lap top and each OR room has 1 Image Cast computer and a laptop so they are readily available and easy to see and they are all on the same system so they all read the same.


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You mean it's possible for all the clocks in the house to read the same time? What a concept!

I'm always astounded that with all the high tech goodies that we routinely use in the OR, our clocks all show different times. Nowadays you can inexpensively get those clocks which automatically set themselves to the atomic clock in Colorado and are accurate to within a thousandth of a second or so. Why not use those?

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our clocks aren't synched but we use "hall passes" with time left the or on them so pacu doesn't overlap us. i wish that the clocks were all the same tho.

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