Switching from critical care to Mother Baby Nursing...advice needed!!


Hi everyone!

I have been a nurse for 6 years and my experience is in both med surg and critical care stepdown units working with adults. I am starting a new position on the Mother Infant unit in December and am excited but nervous! This is an entirely different field and it's been a while since nursing school where we studied this material! Does anyone have any suggestions on resources/texts/etc. I can use to prepare myself for working in this unit? I will be working with both the mothers and the babies since they do couplet care so I need to learn about both. Any other suggestions or advice as I make this switch? Thanks so much for any input you all may have!!!!


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Hi, you will love it :) off the top of my head I'd suggest reading up about pp hemorrhage, H.E.L.P syndrome, magnesium Sulfate (we have Mag patients on the m/b unit where I work), hyperbilirubin, breast breeding technique/education..AWOHN, La Leche are good resources..you have a strong background, so you already no alot of the stuff so you will do great! There is a drug book called "Medications and Mother's Milk" it is an excellent resource and there will probably be one on your unit, but I like my own copy. Look up newborn v/s and assessment, common heart defects. Also important, read up on Low blood sugar in the newborn ..very important!! I know there is more, but this will get you started. Good luck!! It is such a great specialty, I love it! You get the sad stuff too, but hopefully you guys will rotate it enough so it's not very often.