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SWIC Nursing school schedule?

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Has anyone here attended SWIC's nursing program? I'm trying to get an idea of what their program schedule is like. I was told that classes are typically a couple days/week and then clinicals are either two 6hr days or one 12hr day. I'd just like to get an idea of what to expect so I have a better idea if my current job schedule will be compatible with the program. For example, are classes usually in the mornings followed by a 4 hr lab, for a couple days a week plus clinicals? Thanks for the responses in advance😄

Everything is usually on separate days. Lab and clinical times vary A LOT from each instructor, plus, St. Elizabeth's is not taking students in the fall because of the new hospital, so clinical times will be tricky. They give you 2 weeks if there is a random day you must be somewhere. You will find out your schedule the first week of classes. Do not schedule work for the first 2 weeks of classes or the last 2 weeks.

People work part time-not at all during the first semester and SHOULD NOT WORK during the spring semester during NE 108. NE 106 (Mother/Baby) is usually when people start working again and even get CNA/PCT jobs in the hospital.

Hope this helps!