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Hello new nurses! I was just offered a position in the new RN residency program at Swedish in Seattle for their L&D - First Hill location. I'm trying to gather some information on what the experience of nurses are in L&D/perinatal at Swedish but can't seem to find anything. Can anyone offer any feedback?

Additionally, I have an offer from Virginia Mason. It's a med surg position with 1:4-5 nurse/patient ratios. There are some pros and cons to this. I think med surge would be challenging but a great opportunity to sharpen my skills across the board since I would be exposed to a greater variety of patient scenarios and disease processes. What's pulling me toward VM is that the me and the hiring manager really connected. He seemed 1,000% devoted to his staff. That can make or break a work environment.

On the other hand, women's health is what I want to do. I did my L&D rotation in a high acuity magnate hospital so it would be a good match. Cons to Swedish is that the hiring manager did not reach out to me to allow me to ask questions or get to know her. It was a 4-person panel interview where I wasn't allowed to ask questions due to time restrictions, so I have no idea what the culture is like at Swedish.

I would be so grateful for feedback since I have to make a decision within the next coming days.

hi!! just wanted to reach out and if you chose/liked the L&D unit at Swedish. I have an interview with them soon and just wanted to get an idea of the culture.


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Hi! I'm also in a similar situation. Were you able to make a decision?

z987 said:

Hi! I'm also in a similar situation. Were you able to make a decision?

I'm so sorry I didn't reply earlier. I actually turned down both offers and moved back to San Francisco where I lived before nursing school and have a better network. I am currently in final rounds for an L&D position at Sutter Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley. 8 hour shifts, better pay, recently ratified collective bargaining agreement, etc. For what it's worth, I thought the hiring process was ridiculous at Swedish. You didn't even have the opportunity to speak with the hiring manager 1:1 to see if you would even like working for them. They told me their residency hiring process was "new.”

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