Sumner College Portland, OR experience/review


Nursing is such a difficult program to get into and getting into the school or program you want can be even trickier. I had a college degree from Oregon State University in both biology and Spanish, worked as a CNA for 3 years, was a 3.85 gpa student, and failed to even get an interview after applying to various schools. I had recalled hearing about Sumner College years back when considering getting my LPN license. I decided to look into their program again, even though it would mean a 5-6 hour move away from home. I was accepted into the LPN program after applying but heard rumor of an RN program starting up there as well once they met accreditation standards. I postponed starting the LPN program and luckily, the RN program was in full swing 3 months later. I was so fortunate to get into a great program at Sumner College and remember getting the acceptance call and dancing in the back of the coffee shop I worked at with joy.

Two months later I made the move. I was elated that the program was 2 years straight through to bust it out and get the schooling over and get into my career.

I will admit there were challenges with the program in that a couple instructors took either a leave of absence and never returned or were dismissed all together. Substituting other instructors in their place and adapting to various teaching styles off and on was difficult, but to be honest, it was for our best interests. Whenever you start a brand new program there are bound to be bumps in the road throughout the way, so I never held a grudge or got upset about it. It's 100% understandable. And through it all, I felt well prepared, passed my NCLEX on my first attempt, ended up with some amazing instructors, and have been an RN for a year and a half now. Time flies! It was all so worth it! The clinical sites were scary-new places always are-but I learned and did so much that fellow nurses I work with said they never even had the chance to do in school. It was a great experience. Get through the grind, work hard, and make the best of it! Half of your experience will be the result of your own dedication to it.


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Hi there! I'm from Oregon too and I'm looking into Sumner partly because I won't be able to make the deadline for schools this fall. I'm also looking into Clark CC in Vancouver and Linfield for similar reasons.

But Sumner is a newer program so there isn't a lot of information out there. I'm curious how you were able to finance it (if you don't mind me asking) and if the job you got afterwards is in a hospital? I also plan to get a BSN; do you know anyone who went on to do an RN to BSN with their partner schools?