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Sumner College -- Oregon


I'm starting a program at Sumner College and I was wondering if anyone from that school has been able to transfer to any other BSN or MSN programs in Oregon? I'm aware that Sumner also offers a BSN program but I know their transfer list is very limit and I just wanted to see if anyone has been able to pull through with transferring to other schools.  


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Sumner College is an RN to BSN program so you must finish the associate's program take the NCLEX then try to reenter the program or coordinate with them as you do so to get your BSN. This is like many of the other colleges, there isn't a lot of ADN programs that lead into a BSN in Oregon that isn't built into the BSN program. Honestly, Sumner is one of the easiest colleges for nursing to get into as they offer lower levels of nursing degrees around and don't require pre reqs. Best bet is to finish your degree that I'm assuming is a ADN or other associate then take your NCLEX and work until you can get into an RN to BSN program online or somewhere.