Suggestions to a new OB nurse


Hi, I am graduating May 13th and starting at our local hospital's OB floor on May 31st. Do you have any suggestion for someone just starting out?

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My attention to everything. I started in OB after working in CCU. I hadn't worked hard until then. It is a whole new ballgame in OB. I find that when you first start out, you have tunnel vision. You get so wrapped up in the actual delivery that you miss what is going on in the big picture....and that is will come in time. What helped me was paying close attention to the midwives, docs and other nurses...what they did, said, how they talked to patients. I learned an incredible amount from just watching...and being a sponge.

Remember, you won't learn it all in a week, or a year for that matter. Speaking from one who likes to know everything right now...I had a hard time giving myself time to learn. It takes a long time to "get" OB. There are many mistakes and lessons learned. Just make sure to learn...ask tons of question is too small. Make sure you get a good preceptor and keep in close contact with your manager or clinical specialist. Let them know what you need....and encourage them to let you know how you are doing and what you need to work on.


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