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Successfully Passing the Adult/Gero NP Exam

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Hello Future NPs!

Usually I don't write reviews on much of anything, but this past Friday, I successfully passed my certification exam for the Adult/Gerontology NP specialty. I have been following various threads on this website regarding the exam and preparations for it and decided that I would add just a few tidbits...

I feel like I could not depend on just one review book or company to help in my studying for the exam, but here's what I would say about the following:

Maria C. Leik Intensive Review was the top one for me. This book is absolutely necessary for success on the exam. I love the way she breaks down just the amount of information in a concise fashion and summarizes essential tips at the end of each section; plus there are almost 700 practice questions available at the back of the book. Few typos here and there, but so worth the money!!!

Fitzgerald & Associates: I went to a live review this past September and I would say that I love the way they tied up key points needed for the exam. The information they offered would sometimes feel like it was quite lengthy, but in all fairness, they do stress that some of what they offer is not only for the exam but useful in future clinical practice. There is also a 150-question review that is offered on their website as well once you are registered for a live review course.

APEA: While I did not attend a live course or bought any of their review material, purchasing their various practice questions and several of their predictor exams, helped me to determine where I needed to focus my attention and the predictor exams were spot on on how I would do on the actual exam. I am amazed at how very similar their questions are to the exam... So worth the money!

Barkley & Associates: Very similar to APEA. I just bought several of their practice exams and loved their rationales to the questions. Very instrumental in me passing the exam! Almost felt like I saw at least 2 questions from them on the actual exam.

Hope that this information is beneficial to someone out there, thanks!

Thanks for the information. I am scheduled to sit for my FNP next week and was curious how the APEA tests were in comparison to the real exam. Who did you take your exam through? I have been studying Barkley and some of Leik. I have been doing questions from the APEA quizzes which have me around a 73% and the questions from the Leik book. What do you think is a good percentage to have on the APEA tests? By the way congrats on your accomplishment! !!


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