Submit questions for Presidential candidates through Oprah Winfrey

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This was a message from another web site -thought we could take advantage of this information. author:media hound "Oprah will be having Al Gore and George Bush on her show.Al helps her kick off the new season on Monday, Sept. 11. If any of you are still interested in trying to raise awareness of the nursing crises to either of the candidates, this is another avenue to try.......You can reach Oprah's web site at If enough of us speak up, we may just get the attention of the producer. At the very least, we will at least spread our message throughanother venue." 'm giving "media hound" the credit for this post. 'm going to try and e-mail Oprah . Who ever e-mails Oprah please repley that you did. (even if it is just an "I did" entry) thanks.



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I sent Oprah a general email asking her to consider doing a show about the short-staffing in hospitals. I hope they consider it!


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