subarachnoid hemorrhage questions


hey there - i have a question about my pt from last week, and thought you would be able to help. Pt. is 7 years old and was hit in an auto vs. pedestrian accident. let me start off by saying is is in very stable condition and probably at home and back at school - so no worries. :) I am just working on paper work... and patho write up. His H&P stated that the CT scan found subarachnoid hemorrhages that collected in the sulci and no fractures. It doesn't say hematoma, it says hemorrhages. Do these just stop and clear up on their own? he was fine with neuro checks, and his orders stated ok to ambulate... so... is this something that is not worrisome? I mean, it sounds scary, but from the report, and my shift with him, it seems as though its not a big deal and is something that will clear up on his own - am i right? he is on no other meds/treatments/or restrictions, just an abrasion on his back and the obvious scrapes and bruising. Any words from the wise on this? thanks!