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Subacute CNA

by wallyrnstudent wallyrnstudent (New) New

Anyone with a perspective, please!

I just transferred to the subacute side of my SNF which I've been waiting to do for months. I'm so excited to learn how to be proficient here and bring my skills to my eventual nursing career! It's also really anxiety-producing for me to not be good at this yet, and is leading me to question my aptitude for a field I have loved working in for the past 3 years and plan on advancing in.

All the patients here have trachs. In the mornings, after taking vitals, we work alone doing rounds where we give complete bed baths. The nurses and other CNA's are great about helping with pull-ups and often go above and beyond to help each other and especially me, while I'm still getting up to speed. Once I'm comfortable, I'm told that most CNAs here also change PEG and trach dressings during morning rounds. Something about being around patients at this level of care, the tubes...It's like I've forgotten all my skills!

Going into week 2, I'm nervous about all the new considerations and greater stakes. Things I'm doing to mentally prepare - visualize all the steps for several scenarios. Remember that the most important thing is attention to the breathing tubes/vents. Remember that everything is hard right now because it's new.

Have you had any experience in nursing that led you to question your worthiness as a nurse in this field? Are you generally organized in your personal life, or do you struggle like me with this and have to work extra hard at work? Those tray tables are so small, and the foot of the bed is mostly inappropriate for stashing supplies. Any advice or experiences welcome! Thank you.