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I am graduated as an LPN. But I didn't get my NCLEX license yet. I already completed the prerequistes for BSN on 2002-2003. Is it possible for me to join a BSN or ADN or LPN-RN program? Please help



Once you get your LPN license, you can look into programs that offer LPN to RN. These programs may give you a ADN or BSN degree, but there are many of them. I would do an online search, or inquire into the colleges in my area to see what my options were. You say you've completed your BSN prerequisites, but this differs at every school so I assume that you have a school in mind where you would like to do your LPN to BSN. If you don't have a school in mind, then you need to find one and then check to see if the prerequisites you completed match with the ones they require. If they do, then you can begin doing the RN classes, if not, then you have some more prerequisite classes to take before you can begin the actual RN portion.


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Is is possible to start it without LPN licensing. I attempted twice for the LPN license, but failed.