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I'm a first semester nursing student and I need help with some study tips. We have had 6 tests so far, and I thought I was doing well-made 83, 85, 91, 79, 92, and then 73! Anything below a 75 is failing so when I got that 73 I was pretty upset because I felt like I studied forever for it. I have tried so many techniques-reading the book, doing nclex questions, doing the study guide, etc...I think the problem is I do poorly when we only have like a week in between tests (my lowest test grades show that) because usually I only get to study 4 days out of that week and it's over like 20 something chapters. So my question is when you are crunched for time what do you focus on? just the power points?

Also what is the best way you study pharmacology? The test seems to expect us to know ALL the side effects and adverse reaction of each drug we go over so when I study them they kinda blur together? I've done concept maps, flash cards, etc...but nothing seems to work. I haven't tried the mnemonic technique, but I might try that next. I have one test left, which is my final, and of course I want to dominate. Any suggestions would be helpful!!!



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Hopefully this helps.. when studying for tests-- READ THE TEXTBOOK.. I repeat, READ-- not skim. I know that seems generic, but the text will cover important clues on how to care for a patient. Doing interactive reviews or downloading a nursing app is really helpful, as they cover different questions than the textbook review. If you absolutely have to crunch review the nursing implications, and care plans (usually found in your textbook). Stay on top of your readings, so you do not have to crunch, or at least try. Two days before the exam I usually review the powerpoints twice, then once the day before. If you actually read, the powerpoints will just reinforce what you already know.

Also, this is nursing school... you will learn that passing is all that really matters, not the grade. Coming into nursing school we are all afraid of getting a B.. and that will go away soon. Test taking skills does not necessarily mean you will be a good nurse. ;)

Pharm: study the classes of drugs, not the drug names themselves (Does this make sense).. most side effects will run together (N/V/D) hahah.. just remember the different side effects, those are the ones that will be tested on. For example, you have two drugs (A and B). Drug A side effects are: N/V/D, leukopenia; Drug B side effects are: N/V/D, Steven-Johnson Syndrome.. you will probably be tested over the leukopenia and SJS before the N/V/D.

I really hope this helps. Keep your head up and remember that there are PLENTY of other students going through the EXACT same thing!

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Very helpful! Thanks so much for your response!!!