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Okay I've got a study question. I'm in my 3rd semester of RN program and I am re-taking Med-Surg because I failed it, so I am actually a semester behind right now (should almost be ready for graduation in May instead of December). I'm not doing really hot again. I'm doing better at this point but I could use some study ideas especially for Med-Surg. My teacher is the type not to say what's gonna be on test, and she gives us 30 questions only and we read like 5+ chapter each section. Right now it's respiratory disorders. I really wanna pass this test (next week). I've taken her powerpoints and went from those, wrote out my notes and filled the powerpoint more (meaning I added more). I then was gonna type out my hand-written notes, but I am not sure if this a dumb idea or not, or what else I can do. I read the chapters as well, and I just don't know what more I can do. I wanna pass this class and go on to my 4th semester of RN and take my NCLEX-RN so I can really begin. ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME!!

I thank you in advance! Sorry for the long post.


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I like to refer to my Saunders NCLEX review book to study from. Everything is in an outline form and there are alot of questions on each topic. It really helps me focus on key points.


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I agree, the Saunders NCLEX review book is excellent. If you have the CD rom, that works great too. It sounds like you are doing everything else you can do. It helps me to read the notes out loud to myself and if I find myself not understanding it, I look at the textbook and read that out loud too. It seems to sink in more that way. If you understand the patho of what the respiratory system does, then when you come to the diseases, you can figure out what will happen then. Having a good background of A&P is very helpful. Our exams seem to mainly focus on nursing care, priority nursing diagnosis, priority care, etc. Application based questions.

Good luck to you! Keep positive thoughts.

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