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  1. Does anyone here go to York? I have an interview for class Fall 2014 and I was wondering if any current students could provide me with any feedback or advice. So far I'm very impressed with the school!

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  3. by   JRBrec
    Not a student, but see that no one has responded. Our daughter, will be graduating 2014 from the RN program. She is externing this summer and has loved all aspects of YCP. If you would like, respond and I will send your email address on to her. As parents, we have been pleased with the level of education, professors, class size, the university itself. She had a few minor bouts of illness, the nurses on staff at the school were very good, etc.
  4. by   Leigh10
    Hello, I'm a current student at York's Nurse Anesthesia Program and I love it! Great, supportive faculty and good clinical sites. The best advice I could give is to just be yourself. The interview process at York was the least stressful of all the interviews I went to prior to school. Highlight your strengths. Elaborate on why you want to be a CRNA...don't just say you like the 'autonomy'. This is such a cliche word, and almost every applicant says it during the interview. Good luck!