Yey! Got accepted to both FIU and UM! Which program is better?

  1. Finally applications process and interviews are over! Got my acceptance letters from FIU and UM fot CRNA program .
    I really liked both universities and having a hard time choosing the one to go to. Both have great passing rate on the boards. Anyone that is currently going to FIU or UM anesthesia program maybe can recommend or share why they like their program.
    I would really appreciate any input!
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  3. by   rnything
    What were your stats? (if you don't mind sharing...) and congrats!
  4. by   rnything
    Congrats! What were your stats?
  5. by   lifeistweet
    After working at the main UM flint clinical setting as a CRNA, I'd go to FIU.
  6. by   savelives08
    Thank you! I am super excited!!
    GPA 3.9, GRE 1210 and I have 2,5 years of ICU experience
    Good luck!
  7. by   savelives08
    Thank you for the reply!
    Have you worked with SRNAs from FIU or know anybody that graduated from the program? Did you see smth that you didn't like how UM SRNAs perform in clinicals?
    I appreciate anything that you can share from your perspective.
  8. by   CRITICAL CARE RN 2
    Would you mind sharing what types of interview questions FIU asked? Is their a panel of interviewers or just one person doing the interview. Also, how many candidates are interviewed at the same time. I am just a little nervous about the interview (can you tell?). How many students do they interview and how many do they accept? Anything else you can tell me about FIU would be greatly appreciated. I am really excited about the interview and hope I get accepted.
  9. by   CCTraumaRN
    The program at FIU is top notch, with that being said any program worth it's salt has changes to stay current, these include interview questions. In the past the interview consisted of an introduction followed by a panel interview. You will be the only one being interviewed, but there may be as many as 25 folks there at the same time. The generally accept 30-35, interview about 5 times that many. To prepare know what you do and be ready to explore it in every detail. Your career as a critical care nurse has prepared you for this, just be honest and if you don't know tell them you don't know. Any questions just shoot me a message.
  10. by   CRITICAL CARE RN 2
    Thanks for the response. I looked up their previous classes and it looks as if the highest they have ever accepted was 38 in 2006. If they interview 5x as many as they accept that is what makes me nervous. What is the average time of the interview? I am brushing up with the CCRN book.....hopefully I will do all right. If you have any other suggestions please let me know. I really want to get into this program.....I think that is what brews the anxiety so much.
  11. by   CCTraumaRN
    The interview really depends on you. If you come in and nail everything it could be 15 minutes, if you struggle but seem like someone they may want to have in the program they will keep asking questions and it could be 45-60 minutes. Like I said really depends on you. To prepare just know your job and every aspect of it. They don't expect you to know a unit you don't work in or a drug you don't use.
  12. by   CRITICAL CARE RN 2
    Thanks for your input. These are all things we all know, but for some reason we get cold feet when the time is here. I will just go in and do the best I can! Thanks again for trying to reassure a Nervous Nellie!:heartbeat
  13. by   CCTraumaRN
    Just relax, the stress of an interview is nothing compared to clinicals or an exam or two every week. Easy for me to say