Who else besides UTMem will require DNP?

  1. Just saw on another thread that UT Memphis will be having a DNP only program for nurse anesthetists starting in 2009. Are there any other schools following this same format?

    I have no desire for a DNP and am hoping few schools will follow through with this up until 2025 when it is mandatory.
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  3. by   ready4crna?
    Sorry to bust your bubble-
    All CRNA programs will be required to graduate their students with a DNP/DNAP by 2015. Its a requirement for accreditation by the AACN (american association of colleges of nursing.) for 2025, but the AANA has set the goal for 2015 Many schools are so close to a DNP anyway credit-wise that they are transitioning this year. (Mine is trying to have it ready for my class. fun.)
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  4. by   piper_for_hire
    You're both right and wrong. Neither dates really matter as this DNP business is far from settled. I would be very cautious of programs that are inventing their own version of an anesthesia DNP. Seems to me that it makes sense to wait until all of this stuff is agreed upon by all of the parties before you jump into a DNP program.