When to take CRNA pre reqs

  1. Hello I'm a 19 year old male, and after the idea of being contempt as being an RN-BSN as a long term carrier coming out of high school, I'm starting to change my mind. Now I mean no disrespect to any practicing RN's but I'm currently about to start an ADN program at my local CC, and as I'm taking the pre reqs, especially A/P 1 and 2, I'm noticing that most nursing students aren't at the same level when it comes to the ability to learn and apply knowledge.

    An example being that I finished A/P which is regarded as the "weed out" class with a 98% and I didn't feel that pressured at all. And at the same time other pre nursing students barely scraped by with a C.

    I also am a tech on a med/surg floor, and I understand that med/surg isn't really challenging but I see some pretty dull RN's from time to time that make me feel like I could do something more than a BSN.

    For these reasons I'm planning on going into advanced practice nursing, with CRNA being my primary goal, and AACNP being sort of a back up plan. I have done pretty extensive research and contacted a few schools to find out what it takes in terms of stats to be a competitive applicant, and I think I can pull it off.

    But my question is when should I take all the extra classes that are required for a lot of CRNA schools. My first school is ranked 6th in a pole on all-crna-schools.com and requires many courses to be completed before application. The classes are gem chem I and II, O chem I and II, Biochemistry, Calc 1, Basic physics a lot with other more trivial classes. So I'm asking your opinions about some of the options I have.

    Option I - Take as many courses as I can and risk lowering my GPA through my ADN and RN to BSN schooling.

    Option II - Proceed with my ADN as scheduled, making it easier to maintain a good GPA. Then during my RN to BSN begin taking the pre req classes. I can see this getting hairy though especially if I'm working, studying for CCRN, trying to become a teacher and leader in things like ACLS classes, and trying to be just an overall good ICU nurse.

    Option III- Finish my ADN, do RN to BSN get a job then take the pre req courses. This also may have a down side because I would have been a long time sense I might have taken a math classes and etc.

    That being said I don't think I would mind being ICU RN for 1-3 years. It sounds like a great learning experience and much more interesting than Med/surg. But I go back to not wanting to be an RN my whole life.

    Thanks for the input
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  3. by   Da_Milk_of_Amnesia
    honestly, go get your BSN, do well in your sciences, take orgo at some point and, then go get ICU experience in either a CTICU or SICU. If you have good grades, score well on you're GREs (which btw they have changed the format of) and interview well then you'll prolly have a good shot at getting into whatever school you wanna go to. Altho I'm not a SRNA I am currently applying to CRNA schools, and if i had a chance to do it all over again that's what I would have done.
  4. by   lovescoffee
    I did the fastest track possible and wouldn't change it for a second! Definitely don't sacrifice grades, but if you think you can take on a little more I say go for it! Just know your limits, and you should be good!