What should we be doing to make sure we get accepted to a CRNA program?

  1. I'm currently a nursing student, and I plan on becoming a CRNA. Besides getting my degree in Nursing, and getting that ICU experience that most CRNA programs require, what else should one do between now and then to make sure they get accepted somewhere? Extra education, extra work?
    Also, I have not taken Statistics yet, as I opted to take epidemiology, as we had a choice. Math is my weakest subject, and something I try to avoid! Anyway, I know most CRNA programs require that you've taken Stats, will a school "look down" on a applicant who took a Sats course AFTER graduating with their RN degree? I was planning on maybe taking it once I'm graduated and working, so its the only class I have to focus on. I just can't seem to get through a math course and take others at the same time. Thanks in advance for the help!
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  3. by   roadking
    As an experienced interviewee ( I sat through 3 interviews before I was accepted) I found several things that most programs like to see. BSN degree and at least one year experience in a Cardiothoracic ICU.. not peds, neuro, medical, etc.. they like Open Heart Surgical ICU's. Mainly because of the use of Swan Ganz caths and the recovery of post-op hearts and all the stuff that goes on with them..fluids, drips, vents, etc... Also, yes STATS. Specifically, descriptive AND inferential. One last thing. Shadow a practicing CRNA in the OR one day. They will ask you that question during the interview. It's easy, fun and informative. When all else fails, make an appt with the director of the program and ask them what else you can do to enhance your applcation. Hope this helps.