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Did anyone apply to the CRNA program at UT Houston for Fall 2008. I applied but still haven't heard anything from them. When I called to inquire about the status of my application its like hitting a... Read More

  1. by   deeks310
    I was accepted to TWU as well!! When was your interview at TWU Transplant GUru?? Mine was the 4th so I am wondering if I saw you there. Congratulations! Are you going to go to the UT interview now that you are accepted at TWU (since it is a month away?)
  2. by   gasmaster
    Just curious...but how did all of u already find out u go accepted at TWU? I know many people who interviewed this week and no one was told anything yet? R u guys in the distance program or will u be living in Ft Worth? I'm feeling very freaked out!
  3. by   TransplantGUru
    I live in Houston so naturally my 1ST choice will be UT but after my interview at TCU Im sold. It will be hard decison to make though. I will be able to know after UTs interview in Feb
  4. by   maymay281
    Transplant Guru,
    I'm a transplant ICU nurse in Houston. Assuming you are, too, by your name...so are you interviewing with all four schools? I did my TCU and TWU ones, UT and Baylor left to go. Baylor on jan 28th, UT the 8th of Feb. Got in at TWU, should hear from TCU soon! Are you working in the medical center now? What did you tell TWU? Are they cool with waiting to hear back from you til after your UT interview?
  5. by   TransplantGUru
    am curious what hosp. do u work
  6. by   maymay281
    Hermann in the Med Center...you?
  7. by   TransplantGUru
    SLEH. Our UT interview dates are the same. Mine is a 7.50. what time is yours.
  8. by   maymay281
    How was your interview?? I can't wait to hear back (even though I've already paid a deposit at TCU...lol)
  9. by   TransplantGUru
    The interview was ok. Was interviewed by the group headed by the Program director. I was out of there in less than 30minutes. Asked a couple of clinical questions and what the role of a CRNA is.
    I'm not too sure about this one.
    MayMay did you get accepted at BAylor? Good luck to you all.
  10. by   maymay281
    Nope, I didn't get into Baylor. You?

    Yeah, the UT interview was quick. I was also with the director's group. I liked their interview process much better than Baylor's. Less torture. Lol. Mine went pretty well, I guess. Not sure what I'll do if I get in...
  11. by   TransplantGUru
    I'm so excited.I got into UT Houston. Words cannot describe my excitement right now. Wish everybody the best. You guys are the greatest. This forum has been awesome with the wealth of information provided.bow:
  12. by   mrigas
    I was elated when I found out yesterday...
    It's REALLY going to be hard to go into work now.

    Transplant, I work in the CVICU across the hall from you at Hermann...maybe we can meet sometime since we've probably seen each other before...pm me if you want.

    Congratulations to everyone who made it!!!
  13. by   bellarn75
    Anyone planning on applying to the UT program for Fall 2009?