USC(south carolina) CRNA 2019 cohort - page 2

Has anyone else applied for the spring 2019 term CRNA program at USC Columbia/Greenville? Would love to hear from anyone who has interviewed their in the past as well?!?! What were your stats?... Read More

  1. by   PICUtoCRNAhopeful
    Via email
  2. by   tnann866
    Congrats on getting interviews!!! Good luck!
  3. by   tnann866
    What were the STATS for those of you that received interviews?
  4. by   PICUtoCRNAhopeful
    Thanks! Hopefully they'll send more interview invites soon. I have 1 year NICU exp, 2 years PICU exp. 3.94 GPA, 309 GRE. PALS/ACLS/BLS/CCRN, preceptor and mentor. Good luck to you too!!
  5. by   CCUnurse18
    Congrats on getting interview. What area are y'all from? Around greenville or Columbia?
  6. by   tnann866
    I am from the Greenville area
  7. by   ssikhrs
    I was notified via email. GPA 3.56 GRE 300. 2.5 years CVICU, currently in Level 1 Trauma IR, been RN for 9 years. ACLS/PALS/CCRN/TNCC, preceptor and mentor. I am from out of state from VA.
  8. by   CCUnurse18
    Did anyone else hear anything via email today?
  9. by   lax123
    yes! how about you?
  10. by   tnann866
    Nothing yet.
  11. by   CCUnurse18
    Yes. Interview the end of May. When is yours?
  12. by   lax123
    first week in june
  13. by   tnann866
    Just heard! First week in June as well. Looking forward to meeting all of you! Congrats!