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I am new to the site, but just got the acceptance e-mail to University of Cincinnati for Sept '07. Wondering if anyone else out there is planning to enter this class? It would be nice to know... Read More

  1. by   cvicu80

    interviewed yesterday at univ of cinci.. All I Can say is awesome program and I was very impressed with staff and the type of interview. Very laid back and not rapid fire. Nothing bad to say at all.. It's a waiting game now..

  2. by   drdolittle0622
    I got my acceptance email today for UC......I am so excited.
  3. by   cvicu80
    just found out via email that i was accepted at Cinci! wow!! Thats all i can say.

  4. by   LoveHearts
    Congratulations guys!!

    Unfortunately, I didn't get in. I am so disappointed because I have worked so hard, so I would love to hear the stats of you guys that got in. Did you meet with the director at all before your interview?
    Mine: 8years CC experience, last 60hrs gpa 3.8, gre 1060, CCRN, CMC certifications,PALS, grad level stats class with an A, took extra science courses to improve a bad gpa from >15yrs ago first year of college.

    Any info would be appreciated!!!