University of Arizona CRNA Summer 2018

  1. Did anyone else apply?! Anyone know anything about the previous class or the interview? All info is appreciated!!
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  3. by   Ormcicu
    Hello, yes i applied for the summer 2018 start date. I was wondering the same as you! Did you apply?
  4. by   cvicunurse123
    Yes I applied and received an e-mail that my entire application was in but have't heard anything else!
  5. by   Ormcicu
    Same here! The anticipation is nerve wrecking!
  6. by   fall2016
    Am in same page , nervous !!!!!
  7. by   Rnfuturecrna2017
    Hi guys. I also applied for the 2018 start date. Super anxious!
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  8. by   MavrickMan
    I was told yesterday that they're reviewing applications and expect to notify people to interview by early-mid November. I was hoping to know before November 12th
  9. by   Rnfuturecrna2017
    Hi guys! I'm excited to say I got an email today notifying me I was selected for an interview.
  10. by   jacquetill
    I also got an interview for the Summer 2018 start date. Does anyone know about their interview process? I will share if I find out. Good luck!
  11. by   PicuPacuRN
    I also received an invitation to interview. Any info regarding the interview process would be greatly appreciated.
  12. by   Rnfuturecrna2017
    Still no luck on the interview process, but will keep this thread updated if that changes. Good luck to everybody! Have any of you guys received a response as to your interview location?
  13. by   epayou, RN
    Anyone had the interview yet?