Univ of North Florida

  1. Interview in March. Anyone have any experience with the interview at UNF. Social vs Clinical.
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  3. by   MrsJCP
    What date is your interview? I'll be there Monday the 5th.
  4. by   FlyingED
    We haven't decide which day, it will probably be Monday. I am calling Monday. Have you interviewed at UNF before?
  5. by   MrsJCP
    No. This will only be the second year of their program. Wow, I just saw you are from Seattle, still there? That's a big move to Jax. Are you accepted any where else, or interviewed anywhere else? Feel free to PM if uncomfortable answering here.
  6. by   MrsJCP
    No. This will only be the second year of the program there. Are you still in Seattle? That's a long move!
  7. by   FlyingED
    Yes it is quite the move. It seems that most of the schools are east of the Mississippi and I have certain disadvantages. As you could probably guess I am a Flight nurse and Ed nurse without ICU experience. I have to find schools that consider my credentials as critical care per the AANA. It limits my choices. Hope to see you in Florida. Please share any insight.
  8. by   BaySky
    I interviewed with you. Have you heard any news?
  9. by   MrsJCP
    BaySky, when did you interview?
  10. by   BaySky
    I interviewed on Monday morning. How did you do?
  11. by   JacksonvilleRN
    I also interviewed this past Saturday for UNF's program. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  12. by   JacksonvilleRN
    I interviewed Saturday morning. Has anyone heard anything?
  13. by   BaySky
    Yes, Tuesday he called the people who got in.
  14. by   MrsJCP
    Nothing yet here. The suspense is killing me, I have to tell my back up yes or no tomorrow. Ekk!